HUE Jeans Socks

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Step through the day with ultra soft fabric and a discreet fit made for your favorite pair of loafers or flats.

  • Ankle length
  • Durable reinforced toe seam
  • Imported

Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry low.

  • Solids: 64% Cotton 33% Nylon 3% Spandex
  • Dog & Cat: 59% Cotton 38% Nylon 3% Spandex
Ratings and reviews:
83% of 100
Based on 12 reviews, 83% of customers recommend this item.
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    NEED STRIPES AGAIN - and the pea-green solid too - PLEASE!!!
  2. Rating
    Jeans Socks - My Long Time Fave

    I have a high instep and wear snug clogs daily. These are by far my favorite sock to wear every day. They are cotton, thin, don't strangle your ankle, but stay up. Years ago I discovered them on another website. I bought every color combination in the striped. Now I see only black and grey striped. Any chance you can bring back multi colors in the striped version! Pretty please!
  3. Rating
    Please, please, please, PATTERNS again in the jean sock.

    This is the most comfy sock ever but I join the chorus of voices begging for more patterns (dots, stripes, etc.) in the jean socks. Not interested at all in the solids. I am patiently waiting and will happy buy many, many pairs if they are offered. Pretty please, HUE?
  4. Rating
    WHITE "Jeans Socks"

    Please bring back the WHITE "Jeans Socks"!!! They're the best - no other white sock compares to it, including the other HUE white sock options!
  5. Rating
    Love these so much---want more patterns

    I love the fit and quality of these socks. I have a few with dots, paisley, and stripes. I really wish that they came in patterns and variety like that again.
  6. Rating
    Jeans socks are the BEST

    Jeans socks from HUE are the ONLY socks I've worn for 15 years. I am glad it is still offered here, but I miss the seasonal color & design changes. I can find a few elsewhere, but I'd rather order from For my plus-sized feet & legs, these socks are the only ones that stay up, fit well, feel comfy, & are fun to wear!
  7. Rating
    Honest socks

    Best socks ever. Fabulous wear, wash and longevity. Please bring back more striped colors and white,
  8. Rating
    WHITE jeans socks

    Please bring back WHITE jeans socks!
  9. Rating
    HUE Jean Socks

    Please bring back the white HUE Jean Sock. There is no comparison to this white sock. Many people want this sock back and I can't understand what you are waiting for.
  10. Rating
    Bring back the true jeans sock!!!!!!

    Hue socks have excellent quality. But the ''light denim heather'' is too light for jeans and the navy is way too dark. I have some old Hue socks that are a perfect, lovely indigo color. They are wearing out. If Hue would just sell an indigo color again I would buy 20 pairs! I continue my search for ''jean socks'' that come close to matching my jeans.
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    We miss you!

    Please HUE bring these back in WHITE--the jean sock is the BEST white fashion sock because of the cotton content. Your other white socks do not compare to this one. There are many of us out there waiting for its return.
  12. Rating
    Such a comfy sock!

    You will want these in every color! We keep a drawer full -- every lady in the house vies to wear these comfy socks -- from Mom to Teen and in between! Goes from office to jeans with ease.