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HUE Cotton Toe Topper socks are ideal for comfort as you wear mules and other slide in shoes. Cotton/nylon blend in black or white.
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    I love these toe toppers. They are large enough for my size 10 high arched foot that they do not fall off. All the other "one size fits all" toe toppers slide right off. I love them for protecting my shoes from the part of the foot that sweats into the shoe. Also do not show or slide off the heel as the "low cut" socks & "liner" socks do. "One size" is not generally adequate for the larger foot., but these are.
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    My Fav

    I am so happy to see these cotton toe socks are back. They are my favorite for my mule shoes. I bought several plus pairs in Black and Tan, however over the years (which I believe is close to 10 or so) they seem to disappear - lol. Please bring back Tan. These are the best toe socks ever. I tried your others - no comparison.
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    Love them and thanks for bringing them back!

    A few years ago I purchased these cotton toe toppers to wear in my loafers- I have been searching for them since. Luckily I had purchased six pair at the time which are just beginning to wear out. They protect my toes and there is nothing to fall off my heel. Also my shoe linings are in better shape because the toe toppers protect my shoes from sweat and friction. Hose or socks do protect your shoes and make them look new longer. Thank you for bringing them back - how about the nude color again- just hoping!