Essential Denim Boyfriend Short

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HUE Essential Denim Boyfriend Shorts will compliment your figure with smooth lines, soft texture and amazing style. Functional back pockets, faux front angled pockets and faux fly. Hits at knees.
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94% of 100
Based on 20 reviews, 94% of customers recommend this item.
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  1. Rating
    Boyfriend shorts

    Best shorts ever...please bring them back ASAP!!! Why did you ever stop???
  2. Rating
    HUE Boyfriend Shorts

    Why on earth would you stop making these!??? Please bring them back!
  3. Rating
    Bring them back!

    I loved the longer shorts. I bought three pair, but alas they have worn out because I wear them every day. Please bring them back.
  4. Rating
    No longer available??? Why

    These are the best shorts! Why are they no longer available? Big mistake!
  5. Rating
    No longer available?

    Love these shorts, but I could only find them in one store. Not sure if they still carry them. Only XX here on your site. Would love to find them again.
  6. Rating
    Loved this shorts!

    I loved these shorts , why did you change this style?
  7. Rating
    Disappointed to not find denim bermuda shorts in size small or colors...

    When a person is short 5', as I am, these are the PERFECT fit! Why can't I find them anymore? I have never bought another pair of denim jeans or bermuda style shorts anywhere since I found HUE years ago. I NEED replacements and no denim smalls anywhere to be seen. Terribly disappointed! Another company going out of business with perfect clothes for petites!
  8. Rating
    Boyfriend Style Shorts

    Why did you quit making Boyfriend style shorts? You are losing my business on shorts because that style was perfect for my body. HUE was the only brand that I purchased for my shorts and several of my friends as well. They are great for baby boomer women. Please bring them back or we will shop other brands!!! Very disappointed with HUE!!
  9. Rating
    The Best Shorts

    HUE is the only brand I buy, shorts and jeans. The Original Boyfriend Shorts were the best. When you changed the style, the legs did not fit as well and were longer. I do wish you would go back to making the original ones again. Sad that I am not finding the shorts in my size anywhere.
  10. Rating
    What happened?

    The Original Cabana Denim boyfriend shorts...your company had a winner there. You changed the design. You lost many customers, when u changed the design and fabric.
  11. Rating

    The only leggings and shorts I purchase are Hue. I love them, but can no longer find Hue short in stores or on What’s happening? Are they permanently discontinued ?
  12. Rating
    Always great leggings, denims., shorts, etc.

    I have many Hue products: shorts, leggings, skinny pants, etc. all superior garments.
  13. Rating
    Wish you hadn't changed them

    HUE Boyfriend Shorts have been a staple of my wardrobe for years. I love them, so please don't ever stop making them! But I have to say that I don't much care for the shorter rise/crotch and wider leg and cuff of these new ones I just bought. I'm short, and the wide legs and bigger cuffs make me look even shorter. The rise/crotch is shorter and more snug which is not as comfortable. Please consider redesigning these shorts in the future to return to the narrower legs and cuff and more ease in the crotch/rise area.
  14. Rating
    Perfect short for work.

    Perfect short for work. Length is great and so comfortable
  15. Rating
    Great product

    fits great and nice length
  16. Rating
    Great fit

    They fit great. They are very comfortable and I love the color.
  17. Rating
    Baggy Legs

    I already had two pair of these shorts and love them so I ordered three more pairs in colors I didn't have. First, the light pink shown on the site turned out to be the dark pink I already have. But the worst part is how baggy the legs are. My previous pairs had much slimmer legs. I had to take the new order to have the legs altered which adds to the cost.
  18. Rating
    Runs a little small

    I have had many pairs of the boyfriend shorts in the past. I love them, but these new ones run a little small in the crotch. They fit great everywhere else, so I am keeping them. I would like to have a little more room down there though! I do like the fact that they are more roomy in the legs than previous years.
  19. Rating
    Much too snug in the crotch.

    I have just discovered HUE Leggings and the curvy fit denims in medium are a perfect fit. I did not think there would be that much difference between curvy fit and regular mediums but there is. These are too snug especially in the crotch. I am quite fit, not heavy, so while I will continue to buy the denims, I am extremely disappointed that HUE does not make more curvy fit styles. Would love to see a khaki denim in curvy sizes.
  20. Rating
    White is Right

    The white shorts are really white and will go with ALL my tops for summer. These are a must