HUE Ultra Leggings with Wide Waistband

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HUE Ultra Leggings with Wide Waistband offer comfort and style in the perfect essential legging. Easily dressed up or down and are available in Black, Graphite Heather and Espresso!

  • 29" Inseam
  • Wide nonbinding waistband
  • Imported

Care Instructions: Machine wash and tumble dry low.

Materials: 54% Cotton 38% Rayon 8% Lycra Spandex

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100% of 100
Based on 19 reviews, 100% of customers recommend this item.
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  1. Rating
    Only leggings I wear

    I dont buy any other leggings but these!
  2. Rating

    Hands down the absolute best leggings ever! Not see through, very durable. After much hunting I finally found my new leggings. HUE please continue to make these forever!
  3. Rating
    Highly recommend - the perfect leggings.

    I've been a repeat purchaser of HUE for about 6 years, I'm 5'8 1/2 and wear a size "M". I still have a few of my original pairs - in great condition, I might add - and plan on buying a few newer pairs this fall. These leggings are NOT see-through and the cotton is thick; great quality material! You can wash them (in cold) and throw them into the dryer without losing any integrity. These really are the perfect leggings and worth the price!
  4. Rating

    I have had these leggings for around 8 years!! The only reason I need to get a new pair is because my puppy nipped a hole in them, the stayed in perfect condition and they are the most comfy, cute leggings and they hold their value for a VERY long time!
  5. Rating

    I’ve had to switch where I’ve been getting my leggings a few times over the years due to manufacturers discontinuing them. Most recently, my favorites were discontinued by Boston Proper. I searched for “Best Leggings” and HUE’s came up, so I gave these a try and they are extremely close to what I was used to getting before. The waistband is even better. And I like a little extra length as I like the scrunchy look at the bottom. I’m 5’4” and bought the Medium and the fit was great! The material was perfect too. I’ll be buying many more in the future as I wear nothing but leggings these days. Would love a few more choice colors though such as navy blue, white, maybe purple and red too.
  6. Rating
    Hue Wide Waist Band Leggings

    100% the best leggings I have ever owned. I have been buying these for at least 3 years. Although, I wash them in Woolite Color on delicate, it prevents fading. I’m 5’9 I wear a medium and they’re perfect on me. I love the fit and I love everything about these HUE Leggings!
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  8. Rating

    I love the wide waistband! It helps to keep that tummy in and doesn't leave an awkward cut like the smaller bands tend to do.
  9. Rating
    Love HUE

    I am happy with every aspect of ordering my HUE skinny pants & I received them in just a few days.
  10. Rating
    Awesome Leggings

    I've gotten these for at least 5 years and won't buy any others.
  11. Rating
    Great, except too long

    I bought these leggings in Black and Espresso. They should have been exactly the same, but the Espresso leggings were 2-3 inches longer than the Black ones and thus too long. I've contacted Customer Service and we'll see if they make things right. If they were the right length I would love them. See my review under the Black ones - great material, great look, comfortable, wash well, otherwise fit well.
  12. Rating
    Great, comfortable, basic leggings

    I'm very happy with these leggings. The material is heavy enough so they are appropriate to wear to work and don't look like yoga pants. The size small fits perfectly - my usual size is 6. The length is just right and the black color is a true black, unlike my Hue black corduroy leggings which look off-black. I've washed them once and they came out great. I rate them 5 star.
  13. Rating
    Amazing leggings

    These leggings are the best leggings I have ever worn. They have lasted me a few years which is more than I can say for any other legging I have worn
  14. Rating
    Worth It - Seriously

    For years leggings were just not for me. I watched as others embraced the trend with claims of comfort, but every product I tried was far too constricting, tight, and itchy for me to ever be a ''go to'' item for daily wear. I came across these on Hue's website as I've trusted Hue for years as my number one brand for tights (which have also never been perfect in the comfort department, but Hue comes the closest without costing as much as a mortgage down payment) and I did a double take when I saw these. First off was the sticker price. Over $35 bucks for a pair of leggings?! How could I justify that when every corner drugstore has some for $9.99? It seemed too crazy to do, and yet review after review insisted that these were the bee’s knees of leggings and worth every penny. Worrying I was making one of the dumbest purchasing decisions of my life I clicked the pay button. Well, after nearly a year now I can proudly say that the adage ''you get what you pay for'' is true here. These are amazing in all the areas that matter including comfort, quality, and aesthetic appeal and they’re worth every penny. Bottom line, if Hue keeps up this level of quality on this product they will remain my “go to” for leggings. My only hope is that they add even more color choices (you know, more hues). Bravo Hue!
  15. Rating
    Best leggings ever

    Only have to buy a few pairs (2-3 black basic)a year because they are so well made
  16. Rating
    Great Buy

    Received a pair for Christmas- impressed with the instant fit and quality wearing. Just had a pair I wore 3 days a week on average catch a snag and tear a little at the seam. Immediately bought another.
  17. Rating
    Great healthy fabric

    Love these leggings because they are made of healthy, comfortable cotton and rayon with just a little spandex, and do not contain any toxic, carcinogenic, hormone-disrupting, environmentally harmful polyester, and thus do not have that naggingly prickly feeling that polyester has as it is poking minuscule toxic fibers into your skin, and are not harming my health.
  18. Rating
    Not good anymore

    The old version of these leggings were sent from heaven, but this is not the case anymore! I bought a few pair because I loved them so much, but now the fabric is such bad quality. I had fuzz in between the thigh area after just one use. The older leggings were great because this never EVER happened after almost 2 years of constant use. I would NEVER buy these again. Id rather buy cheap leggings for $10 than pay $36 for this bad quality. Such a shame. HUE should reconsider going back to making good products.
  19. Rating
    HUE quality has declined

    I just finished writing a review for the HUE tights I bought and have a similar complaint about these leggings: the quality is so disappointing! I bought the exact same pair of leggings in 2015 and I sang their praises to anyone who would listen. The fabric was nice, soft, thick, and didn't fade at all after several washings. I noticed a small hole in the inner thigh seam the other day, so I ordered a new pair (keep in mind, I wear them 3-4 days per week, so they still lasted pretty well for the last 17 months). The new pair looks exactly the same as the old pair, but after just a few hours had already started to pill at the inner thigh/crotch area. I checked original pair and found no pills or sign of wear at all--other than the small hole, they looked like the newer pair.<br /><br />These leggings were a disappointment. I'm going to have my mom patch the small hole and keep wearing the old pair. Glad I wasted $36 on these--save your money and get the $10 Target leggings that are probably the same quality.