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HUE Opaque, Fashion and Control Top Tights will rock your look. Find sweater fashion tights and net fashion tights for unique style, and patterned tights or colorful opaque tights for variety.

Opaque Tights

With all the colors and varying depths of opacity, HUE opaque tights are the on the forefront of cutting-edge style. Discover the empress within you by mixing and matching your favorite tights alongside different outfits in your new summer wardrobe. Be daring when you enter the club, with legs wrapped in smooth vibrant shades. By the end of the night, your striking figure will be more memorable than the music.

Footless Tights

For Footless Tights that are beautiful and offer great style, you are in the right place! HUE Footless Tights are ideal for work or play. Our footless tights for women and girls are available in several colors and sizes.

Control Top Tights

Find the best Control Top Tights and control top opaque tights here on HUE. HUE control top tights are available in a variety of colors, and lustrous tones. We offers tights in a variety of colors and run from sizes XS-XL.

Sheer Tights

Technically speaking, shapely legs never go out of style. But this season, the secret to show-stopping style comes in the form of sheer tights from HUE hosiery. Now featuring a selection of rare openwork and delicate patterns, getting dressed can be both fun, and an opportunity to explore exciting ways to play up your legs and elevate your wardrobe.

Sweater Tights

Fashionable HUE sweater tights come in an array of fabrics, styles, and colors to enhance your unique style. Find cable or flat knit, patterned or opaque sweater tights to suit your fashion sense. Perfect for work or a night out, HUE sweater tights are a winning accessory to any fashionista's wardrobe!