HUE Plus Size Sleepwear Sets are Too Cute Just for Sleeping

Plus-sized women used to have to settle for clothes that were less than appealing, both inside the bedroom and out. But thankfully, that's all changing. Case in point: our sleepwear plus sets.

Next to comfortable bedding and a good mattress, what you wear to bed may be the most important thing when it comes to getting a good night's sleep. Sure, you could throw on that tattered but faithful t-shirt and call it a night, but why settle for that musty old thing? Or, you could sacrifice function for form and opt for sleepwear that is nice to look at but not so nice to actually sleep in. You know the kind: it's bunchy, or itchy, or so silky smooth that you find yourself accidentally sliding off the edge of the bed around 4:10 a.m. Again, not the best option.

Never fear, though – HUE offers sleepwear that will have you dressed for dreamland in comfort and style. When you go to bed, you’ll do so knowing that you look fabulous. You'll wake up feeling confident and refreshed in our selection of comfortable plus sized pajama options.

For the warmer seasons, HUE offers Bermuda shorts, boxers, and capris, along with the most comfortable sleep shirts you'll ever own, all in super-soft cotton and cotton blend fabrics. They’re available in patterns and colors that you're sure to love, and they'll keep you cool as a breeze all night long.

When the nights get chilly, slip into our full-length notched pajamas. They're 100% cotton jersey, plus they’re so comfy you'll hardly notice you’re wearing them. They're comfortable enough to sleep in, and more than stylish enough for a relaxing day around the house. Or if you’re feeling particularly bold, take a walk around the block; we're not judging!

Here are 3 Favorite Plus Size Prints this Season: