Men & Women See the Same Hue for Fall Fashion 2014

The battle of the sexes may rage on, but this fall, the top 10 hottest colors in men's and women's fashion are nearly identical. Let's take a look at fall 2014's A-list hues, certain to dazzle any on looking fashionistas from a runway near you this autumn.

Top Colors for Fall Fashion

1. Sangria

It’s hard to look at this festive yet seductive shade of red and not picture buoyant conversation and toasts given with glasses full of the vintner’s craft. Look for Pantone’s Sangria to be just about everywhere this fall from fashion leggings to men’s accessories.

2. Aurora Red

Aurora Red isn’t quite as flashy as say, Racing Red. Aurora Red is cool under pressure, but confident enough to take charge when the situation calls for it, as it will this autumn.

3. Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid mixes a little bit fuchsia, a little bit purple, and a little bit pink. As the Pantone’s color of the year for 2014, it’s hard not to look good in this shade. It has been making frequent appearances in runway shows across the globe, and will feature prominently in many designers’ fall collections for both men and women.

4. Mauve Mist and Sea Fog

The fourth most popular Pantone color for this fall is the sole spot on the list where the sexes part ways. For women, Mauve Mist is the shade of choice. For the gents, the more nautical Sea Fog will be a sought after color. The two shades may not be the same, but they certainly are complementary.

5. Cypress

Cypress calls to mind dense northern forests full of old-growth conifers. You can almost hear the wind whispering through its needles, as its wide and ancient trunk groans patiently in the breeze. Look forward to regular Cypress sightings in this year’s fall collections.

6. Bright Cobalt

Bright Cobalt cheers from the stands, raises the flag, and winks when passing on the sidewalk. If you’re looking to add some cheer to your fall 2014 wardrobe, you should have no trouble finding Bright Cobalt on the racks at your favorite stores.

7. Royal Blue

Royal Blue is sophisticated color choice, though just as comfortable in the ballroom as it is in the boardroom. Not as stoic as its cousin Navy, Royal Blue is just the shade you’re looking for if you want to add an air of classy sophistication to your fall wardrobe, making it a good selection for women’s tights and beyond.

8. Aluminum

Not too flashy, nor too subdued, Aluminum is practical and versatile, dependable and smart. It’s an ideal shade for items that will make their way into regular rotation in your own personal fall collection. It also makes an excellent anchor for any one of the season’s bolder hues.

9. Cognac

Shades of brown have been an old standby with inspiration coming from falling leaves. Cognac isn’t just any shade of brown, though. It’s timeless and strong, traditional yet open to reinterpretation. It’s another excellent dancing partner for the fall 2014 season’s more celebratory hues.

10. Misted Yellow

Certain shades of yellow are difficult to pull off, but Misted Yellow has a certain subdued refinement that makes it easy on the eyes. It’s also neutral enough to use as an accent with any of the season’s other top colors.

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